About us. 
Since its foundation in 1974, MDC Dental has established itself as a pioneering and leading institution in the manufacture and distribution of dental materials in Mexico. We are a proudly Mexican company, born from the vision of TPD Rogelio H. Ramírez Martínez, whose dedication and commitment to excellence have permeated every aspect of our operation. 

Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence.
Over the decades, we have celebrated significant milestones, including our recent 50th anniversary. This achievement not only symbolizes half a century of innovation and quality but also marks the beginning of a new era of growth and expansion. Our anniversary is a time for reflection on our past and for envisioning a promising future, always with the commitment to remain true to our values and objectives
Our mission is to Contribute to Creating Healthy Smiles. This goal guides each of our efforts and decisions, driving us to offer products and services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. 

We aspire to Maintain Leadership in the manufacture of dental materials in Mexico and to achieve comprehensive growth in talent, quality, operational efficiency, and market share both nationally and internationally. We are committed to being at the forefront of new technologies, ensuring that our products and services reflect the latest innovations in dental care.

Quality Policy 
We, the collaborators at MDC Dental, are committed to manufacturing and marketing oral health products that meet customer expectations, quality standards, and the applicable regulatory framework. We perform our work with integrity, a permanent commitment to continuous improvement, and safety in our operations. 

We hold international certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016, as well as CE, FDA, CFDA, and GMP, thus ensuring that each item that leaves our facilities meets the most rigorous standards. This focus on quality and safety is fundamental to our success and is what has allowed us to earn our customers' trust over the years. 

Our Commitment to the Future  
With more than 300 employees and presence in over 46 countries, MDC Dental is proud of its heritage and committed to continuing innovation in the dental sector. Our success and ongoing growth are possible thanks to the trust and loyalty of our clients, from dental depots to dentists and dental technicians who have chosen our products and services.